Youth Classes

Youth Classes

There is truly something for everyone at LRD!

We offer music and movement for kids, plus adult fitness and strength classes, Yoga, and Qigong.

Available to both members and non-members!

Youth Tennis

Youth classes are offered for kids of all ages and ability with co-ed classes limited to 4 players per pro for 7/under classes and 6 players per pro for all other classes. The Youth Tennis incorporates the USTA sponsored 10 and Under Tennis program. We use smaller racquets, smaller courts and low pressure balls, which makes it much easier for the kids to play and become confident. Older, more experienced kids will benefit from these tools, but will also be able to play on full courts with regular equipment. We will progress the kids through the 10 and Under Tennis program according to their ability as well as age. Those juniors who are very talented and are looking to advance quickly will not be held back, but will be encouraged to develop as fast as they are comfortable doing so.

The Youth Tennis classes are broken down into three groups:

Red: 8 and under Beginner/Intermediate. In the Red clinics, we start building proper mechanics and an understanding of the game using dynamic and fun games/drills for kids as young as age 4.

Orange: 8 and up Beginner/Intermediate. In the Orange clinics, we cater to the student’s skill level. Depending on the groups’ level, we range from working on mechanics using hand feeding to match play using green dot balls on the full court.

* If the student is around 7/8 years old and can rally a little with an orange ball, the Orange clinics are a good fit for them. If they have no experience and have yet to learn basic stroke mechanics, they should do the Red clinics.

Yellow: 8 and up Intermediate/Advanced. The ability to rally, make a serve and know how to play a match with a regular yellow ball is required for this clinic. During this clinic, we focus on mechanics and tactics using drills, games, and point/match play.

Email to get on the email list for junior programming, register for clinics, and/or if you have any questions. We will reply to registration requests to confirm that there is room. For weekend clinics, we send out weekly RSVP emails that you can reply to to confirm for the upcoming weekend. NO DROP-INS.

Youth Tennis classes will be offered during four sessions: Spring (March – May), Summer (June – Aug), Fall (Sept – Nov), and Winter (Dec – Feb). During the winter months, we are limited to 2 lit courts and offer only private and group lessons in the after-school hours as court and coach availability allows.

2017-18 Winter Junior Tennis Schedule (11/5 – 3/09)

*18 Week session

4 – 5:30 pm, Yellow


3 – 4:00 pm, Red


11:00 – 12:00 pm, Red
12:00 – 1:00 pm, Orange
1:00 – 2:30 pm, Yellow

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Toddler and Preschool Music & Movement

The classes include age-appropriate activities and materials to foster a child’s natural creativity, and to enhance enjoyment of music in a relaxed, positive environment. The material is usually thematic and introduces basic musical concepts, and encourages listening skills and development of the whole child.

All classes are developed and led by Janet Coberly, a former music teacher in public and private schools for 30 years. Membership to the LRD is not necessary. For more information please contact Janet Coberly at